YFC looks to the future – NFYFC Summit

On Sunday 20th January, Sussex Vice Chair Sconaid Wastie and County Development Officer Mary Masters attended the National Federation of Young Farmers (NFYFC) Summit Day.

The ‘Summit Day’ event was held in Coventry and involved facilitated workshops where county representatives from across the country discussed the organisations current situation and the needs and wants of YFC members, clubs and counties. The groups went on to discuss the new strategy for NFYFC and identified where responsibilities for delivery of work should be held (e.g. with a YFC member, a club, county or NFYFC).

Feedback from the day is now being analysed and will be used to prioritise areas of NFYFC for the next three to 12 months. As a result of the meeting new working groups are being planned to examine topics in more detail, susch as the digitalisation of YFC work, membership ages (start to finish), streamlining and changing communications, governance structures for NFYFC, County Federations  and clubs and practical help from NFYFC for counties.

The day was an interesting and informative day and a good chance to learn more about how other counties work and the difficulties they may be facing. Hopefully Sussex YFC can send representatives to working groups and assist in further developing NFYFC.